Kris is amazing!  If there was a way to give 10 stars I would!

We take our dog every where with us. He's never alone too long. So when we need to go out of town without him we are so worried about leaving him with people. 

Kris was a gift from the heavens for us. She looked after our little fur baby as well or better that we do! She sent us photos of him daily and progress reports on what he was doing. She brought in portable fans for him on hot days. She played with him and snuggled him.  She followed our agreed schedule for play and walking times. She was on time for our meetings to discuss the plan for his care. We could not be happier for her great service and attention to detail. She is also someone I would trust to administer medicines (he didn't need that but I always think ... would I trust this person if he got sick and needed something before we could get home...I would totally trust Kris). She has pets of her own and was completely great with our little baby!

She's part of our master team now! If we have to leave town ... she is our got to pet sitter.
- Andy & Julie, Santa Clara, California

I first became aware of Kris as a dog walker by noticing her out in my neighborhood, walking a pair of dogs that are patients at the animal clinic where I work. They looked happy, and I always thought they were lucky to get such a nice long walk every day. One day, Kris had to bring one of those dogs in to the clinic, and the level of care and concern she had for the dog impressed us all. After that visit, Kris brought her own dogs in to see us, and unsurprisingly, she is a devoted dog-owner herself. Last spring, I saw her walking an energetic puppy at a park where my kids took a class each week. He clearly had so much fun with her! This puppy was actually looking for a new home, and he soon became ours. When I adopted Tanner last summer, I finally had the chance to use her as a dog walker. My kids and their babysitter were often here when she came by to get him, and I heard every day from them how excited he was to see her. Furthermore, Tanner was a happy dog for me, too! If the kids weren’t here when Kris came, she would hang the leash up just a little differently than I do, which let me know she’d been here. I’d never employed a dog walker before, since I have the luxury of bringing my dog to work with me, but since Tanner already knew Kris, it was a treat for him. I have been nothing but impressed. She’s very dependable, levelheaded, and responsible. Her priority is the happiness and safety of the dogs she is walking, and they love her right back!
- Dr. Chelsea Davidson


Auntie Kris as we call her, became a fast friend in a true time of need. In a jam, Kris made herself available to pet sit my beloved dog Kea and sweet kitty. Upon my return, the animals were relaxed and happy and clearly Kris had left a great impression. After that, Kris continued to help me out whenever needed and in turn also became my friend and as mentioned, Auntie for my Kea. Kris loves the animals in her care as if they are her own. A few years back, she adopted an older dog in need of medical care and his younger companion so that they could remain together without hesitation. She understands the dogs in her care and makes each visit a special time.  Kris is kind and understanding to every pet’s individual needs, Best Friend Backup is an excellent opportunity for your pet!- Jane H. Nieves Teacher & Author of Kea The Reading Dog

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kris for many years over dogs. I have had 2 two dogs with very different personalities. Kris has the unique blend of talents in working wonderfully with my big dog Moki, a German Shepard and Chico, a miniature pincher mix with a bipolar, love or kill personality. They both absolutely love Kris dearly and couldn’t get more of her. Kris has the loving energy that is wonderful anywhere she goes. Kris is absolutely dependable and trustworthy and a joy to with around. When I know that my pets are with Kris, I have a peace of mind about my home and my pets. Kris’s keen sense of humor not only delights the dogs and cats but also the 2 legged owners as well.
- Ruby Callary


To say that Kris is passionate about dogs is an understatement, she absolutely loves them and treats them as if they were her own children. I've seen her intuitive abilities with animals make them feel safe and also know who is in charge without her being over dominant. She believes in the right of every animal to be free and happy, and her motivation in this work is definitely a path of service.
- Lorie Zampedri

Elli & Belle

All, I have to tell you all about my experience with Kris and her pet sitting services. I have two Miniature Schnauzers, not hard dogs to deal with, but it does take someone with experience in handling dogs. I have had both of my mini's since they were pups, so I know their weak spots. Kris and I live close together and I had a need for an experienced dog sitter for a three day period, so I asked Kris if she could handle the job? She could...
Being a new client and knowing how my dogs can behave, imagine my pleasure when I got home to her notes and feedback during the service period. I so enjoyed the feedback to hear that my dogs acted appropriately, as I had taught them (I hoped). They both got great grades, and stars for being great dogs. The feedback was wonderful to receive, I was so proud of the kids...and I tell you, going forward, Kris is my number one choice for pet-sitting.
- Jennifer Young

Buddy & Jazzy